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Lawyer specialized in Arbitration processes in El Salvador

Litigations and conflict alternate resolution, El Salvador

David is a lawyer who specializes in arbitration processes in El Salvador. Counts with more than 10 years of experience in the field of corporate law. He is authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador as a lawyer and Notary.

He has broad experience and knowledge in mediation, conciliation and arbitration law in El Salvador.

He worked for six years at the main tribunals of the country, where he obtained important experience related to conflicts that arise in the corporate sector. Then, he worked in the private sector as the director of the litigation and arbitration department at a prestigious law firm. Currently, David focuses his legal practice in the commercial law area, from both the corporate and business perspective, as well as in the litigation of judicial and arbitration processes

He has a master’s degree in corporate law from Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeon Cañas (UCA), a master’s degree on intellectual property and New Technology Right from the Universidad International de la Rioja (UNIR), Spain. He also has an international degree in law, economy and business granted by the Instituto Superior de Economia y Administracion de Empresas (ISEADE-FEPADE) and the Escula Superior de Economia y Administracion de Empresas ESEADE of Argentina. Currently he is taking a doctoral course in Private Law at Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona.

He has worked as a professor at different prestigious universities at El Salvador, teaching the following courses:

  • Civil Process Law at Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas, UCA, at the level of masters and higher diploma courses.
  • Commertial, Civil Process Law and Arbitration at Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador, UEES; at a level of bachelor’s and master’s degree on Corporate Law.
  • Commertial and Civil Process Law at Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador, UTEC, at a level of specialization, diploma and master’s degree courses.

He is a member of several national and international organizations such as:

  • Chairman of Young Arbitrator’s El Salvador (YAES)
  • Secretary of Club Español del Arbitraje Capítulo El Salvador
  • Member of the International Bar Association (IBA), in the Latin American forum, as part of Arbitration Committee
  • CEA Associate -40 of Club Español del Arbitraje Capitulo El Salvador